Your order is ready for collection, sir.

Double Fine funded their next game in less than eight hours. Tossing aside the shackles of publishers and third-party financiers they used the hip donation site Kickstarter to pitch fans to directly support the development of Adventure, a classic point-and-click adventure game.

Oh, wait, pardon me. You’ve read this before. In A Double Fine Audit I charted the progress of the donations in the heat of the moment i.e. in the first 24 hours after kickoff. I wasn’t in the heat of the moment myself. Bar charts don’t really do it for. I’m all about the pie.

So I’ve returned to finish the job and tally the final figures. And guess what? They don’t tally! The totals for backers and donations listed at the top of the page don’t match the breakdown provided in the sidebar!

That exclamation mark might be misleading because I don’t really care why the page has incorrect figures. Though the discrepency is an ommission of 778 backers providing an omitted $170,701. Ironically this is nearly half of Double Fine’s original target of $400k.

Anyway enjoy the jazzy graph and Adventure when it finally ships. Let me know if I’ve forgotten how to add numbers together. Thanks again to those who shared it in the first place and Tableau Public for providing the jazzy graphing software.