Episode 5


Alan, Craig & special guest Rick Lane from GameGripe.co.uk take a look under the hotrod hood of PC gaming and generally wander about the subject like a bunch of grease monkeys, stopping occasionally to kick the tyres.

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Show Notes


00:00:21    A mildy amusing introduction introducing Rick Lane from GameGripe.co.uk!
00:02:11    Our introductions to PC gaming: Champ Manager, POD, The Incredible Machine & Granny’s Garden

00:08:30    Is there such a thing as PC gaming anymore?
00:11:33    PC gaming in 2011
00:12:29    PC is lean forward, Console is lean back
00:16:14    The evolution of the PC gamer

00:19:53    The Great PC Game Debate!
00:20:14    The Rt. Hon. Alan: Patches, incompatibility issues & install problems
00:22:22    The Rt. Hon. Rick: Rebuttal
00:23:53    The Rt. Hon. Alan: Designing for a non-standard platform
00:24:35    The Rt. Hon. Rick: Sort of Rebuttal
00:27:40    The Rt. Hon. Alan: Lengthy install sequences now on the console

00:28:54    INTERMISSION: Craig’s PC Gameshow: Install Round!

00:31:55    The Rt. Hon. Alan: PC Gaming is expensive
00:32:45    Cost of Rick’s PC setup
00:34:12    The Rt. Sexy. Craig: Rebuttal
00:34:14    Cost of Alan’s console setup

00:37:26    PC gaming & future-proofing

00:40:41    Disabled PC gaming

00:41:40    Are PC gamers tech obsessed?
00:45:00    PC development & streamlining at the cost of customisation

00:47:05    Piracy on the PC & the morality of Far Cry 2
00:50:00    The increasing stringencies of DRM & the alternatives
00:58:00    Mac Store, App Store, Steam & safe harbours from piracy

01:01:30    INTERMISSION: Craig’s PC Gameshow: Piracy Round!
01:04:27    A winner is ???

01:04:50    Outro: Our favourite PC games

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