Episode 3


Alan & Craig unlock the mysteries of achievements. It’s mainly monkey brains and a music montage.

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Show Notes


00:28    Guitar Hero is put out to pasture


01:48    Google’s definition of Achievements and the Fall of Man

02:45    Achievements as little challenges and not so little highscores


04:28    The highest achievement score in the world: 535,648G (Stallion83)

07:09    Achievements are everywhere. Some of them even have their own blogs: 360voice.com

08:21    Have achievements killed off cheats?: AchievementHunter.com

10:51    All achievements are not born equal: TrueAchievements.com


12:32    Why achievements work: All we have is monkey brains



15:59    How achievements help us

17:12    How achievements hurt us


19:55    The worst achievements

22:00    The best worst achievements of all time


24:50    Hi I’m Craig and I have a problem


26:03    Fast-talking music montage! If Old Games Had Achievements


28:56    Our most proud achievements

31:25    Outro: Send us suggestions at mailbag@split-screen.net and leave us an iTunes review!


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