Episode 7


Alan & Craig survive multiple Skype crashes to speak about the difficulties of communication, oddball controllers and biofeedback.

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Check the extended show notes for eye tracking, heart monitors and brain waves!

Show Notes

00:00:16    An introduction to the length of Britain

00:01:54    MSN Sarcasm Detection Not Detected

00:02:58    Same couch bonding with Battlefield, Halo: Reach and Left4Dead
00:04:32     The psychology of maze navigation and online multiplayer deathmatch
00:05:58     Playable characters saying what we’re all thinking

00:07:10    Hello and welcome to the Crystal Maze Podcast

00:09:01    Incorporating player communication into design
00:11:48    Non-verbal chit-chat with Phantasy Star Online and Mario Kart Wii

00:16:54    I have no voice and I must scream obscenities
00:19:14     Listening and talking to strangers online
00:22:12     Check out Episode 4: Online Identity Crisis for more anonymous studies
00:24:26     R.Pitch4d calls me a flaming jackwagon


00:26:10    Esoteric Game Controllers
00:27:25     Touch and feel the Novint Falcon

00:29:03     Scratch your brain with the Emotiv Headband

00:31:23     The TrackIR head tracking will turn heads and track them

00:33:36     Strap a WiiMote to your head and see the future of 3D

00:34:11     Rub your body all over Kinect

00:37:06    BioFeedback and physical responses as controllers
00:37:55     Heart tracking and horror games
00:38:29     My Heart on Halo by Ben Lewis-Evans: Original Gamasutra Blog

Click to see the large image
00:42:59     Eye tracking and triggering events

There Will Be Blood with gaze locations of 11 viewers from TheDIEMProject on Vimeo.

00:46:26     Once again we talk about Valve Software and their biofeedback exploits
00:49:29    Dynamic controllers deserve dynamic games

00:52:45    Outro


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