Five out of Ten is the magazine for people who love videogames and demand the best in independent writing, from the lovable folks who brought you Split Screen. We’ve been running it for almost two years with three principles:


We only publish great, original features: writing that is insightful, bold, and timeless. Our features combine personal experience with critical investigation: the thoughts that go beyond mere play. We take a ‘slow journalism’ approach: our work is considered and meaningful.


We have a proud history of publishing a wide range of voices and experiences, and we are actively committed to continuing to do so. Five out of Ten is dedicated to diversity: this includes promoting marginalised voices and ensuring that our writers approve of what we publish. All Five out of Ten pieces are edited collaboratively between the writers and editorial team to ensure finished articles are reflective of the author’s views.

Fair Pay

We believe that good writing is worth paying for. Rather than paying a set fee for writing, we split the profits between an issue’s contributors. This means our writers share in the success of the magazine. We do not publish writing without financially compensating the author, and we don’t display external advertising or corporate sponsorship.

Our tenth issue is called ‘Heart’ and is out now. If you like what we’re doing on Split Screen, buy a copy of Five out of Ten – we get a little money and you get a lot of great writing. Everyone’s a winner!