Words of value.

Today, I’m delighted to launch Five out of Ten, a brand new digital magazine dedicated to videogame culture.

Five out of Ten is a new kind of magazine: one that celebrates, reflects upon and enriches gaming culture. Maybe you’ve played video games your whole life, or maybe you’re just curious about the medium. Either way, there’s something here for you to enjoy. We believe that video game criticism is worthwhile and good writing is worth paying for. We split all revenue between the five authors in each issue. There’s no advertising and no publishing company, no news or reviews: just great feature writing that’s fresh, bold and different.

If you like Split Screen, you’ll love Five out of Ten. If you don’t like Split Screen, you might love it anyway. Head over to the website to purchase the first issue or download a sample!

Don’t worry: Split Screen isn’t going away. We’ll still be working on bringing you our usual eclectic mix of content, including a completely redesigned site coming in the new year.