Hindsprung durch Technik.

I have played over one hundred and fifty hours of Forza Motorsport games. That’s a lot of time to spend driving fake cars – I can’t even drive a real car. Forza and its main rival Gran Turismo exist for a different audience than the casual boy racer: they’re for car enthusiasts who will happily spend hours tweaking their suspension and tyre pressure, or adding another layer of lacquer to their go-faster stripes.

The problem is that many find that level of dedication pretty dull. While Forza Motorsport 4 did an admirable job of appealing to a wider base of players, there’s only so many times you can drive around the same circuits before you find yourself asleep at the wheel. We’re not ready for Forza 5 yet: instead, Forza Horizon is a rethought pitstop strategy, a game that dilutes the more hardcore aspects of racing simulation to capture the hearts of a more ‘casual’ crowd.

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