Published Games

DotBox, released 11 August 2019

I used to play this at school. We’d draw some dots in the back of our school book/jotter and take turns to see who could make the most boxes without the teacher noticing.

This is my first videogame developed from scratch. I kept it simple (teacher not included).

I’ll write up a separate development blog in time.

The ESRB Pub Quiz Game, released 16 May 2011

The ESRB Game-Guess Game
I give you an ESRB description and you guess the video game. Originally made back in 2011 on It’s a game, in a sense.


Asteroidz, completed 19 July 2019

This prototype was developed using a tutorial. It’s complete and playable. It’s unoriginal. Equally nicked is the main riff in the song which is from The Breaker’s song “Bears in the Woods”.

Abandoned Projects

Super Cave Boy, abandoned 07 July 2017

An abandoned tutorial for develpoing a platformer. All of the assets were supplied with the tutorial. I think I stopped making this because I wasn’t interested in trying to make a basic platformer interesting. A lack of interest, all round.

Platformer Engine, abandoned 11 December 2016

An abandoned attempt at creating a platformer engine. Lacked purpose.