One year of splitting screens

Today is the first anniversary of Split Screen! Yay! We’ve put up some new articles for today- Craig’s written a review of the metallic breasted shoot-em-up game Shoot 1Up and Alan’s contributed a review of resurrected Sega Saturn classic Guardian Heroes. There’s a little birthday message from Craig at the bottom of this post.

We’ve had a fantastically fun year: features and infographics so awesome they’ve been featured on the games’ news feeds, reviews that at least someone has disagreed with every time, podcasts that have plumbed the depths of our collective psyche.

We’re not planning on slowing down. Updates have been a little slowly due to some personal upheaval: Craig’s laptop is still being held hostage by PC World, and Alan’s in the middle of a move from Edinburgh to Oxford. We’ll be recording new podcasts once everything is settled back down and expanding into new video features in the run-up to Christmas, but there will still be plenty of delicious written content to tide you over until then.

Here’s to another year of doing things slightly differently than everyone else!


Alan and Craig

[02/04/2019 Edit: I had recorded a Birthday message but alas it has been lost. It was hosted on a site called AudioBoo which is no longer around]