No scripts, no agendas, no ideas

Today marks our next step towards web domination as we launch the Split Screen Podcast! Our first episode is out now via the new Podcast section of the site. It’s about the Games of 2011- our most and least anticipated titles, liberally seasoned with some jokes and impressions we never should have performed.

We’re throwing this out in an unpolished state (whenever you listen to the first episode, you’ll realise that soon enough) and we’d love to hear your comments and suggestions. Send them to the mailbag or fire us a message over Twitter! If you have any questions for us, we’ll answer them on a later episode of the show.

Our next episode will be recorded later this week about Valve, Steam and strangely popular Team Fortress 2 vs Minecraft infographic. We’ll update this blog post with a link once the podcast is hosted on iTunes (now available here!) and Zune (not available yet!)- then you can subscribe and have every episode download automagically.

Of course, we’ll still keep writing regular articles for the site and be adding even more exciting features in the future!

Stay classy,

Alan & Craig