Let’s Play Sea of Thieves

“I may be a dunce, but at least I’m a mighty pirate dunce!” – Guybrush

Rare continues to evolve Sea of Thieves into a mighty co-operative experience on par with Left4Dead. But I’ve said this before and then said it once again.

So here be the long playlist of all the short and long clips a sea-farer could ask for.

The only additional reflection on Sea of Thieves is this: I have no idea how long it takes to play this game? Dave and I set aside a good four or five hours and, while we had fun, if we were trying to tick off missions or complete storylines then we’d barely scratch the surface. Sea of Thieves is the most elastic gaming experience where a simple treasure hunt can easily become a two- or three-hour voyage across the seas, navigating around the dangers of skeleton pirate ships, megalodons and lethal player encounters. Sailing is not fast, and it shouldn’t be, but as someone with limited gaming time, it’d be amazing if there were a time-boxed way of playing.

Rare, I would like one cubic hour of pirate fun, please.

I don’t set sail often, but damn this game is good.