Episode 2


Alan & Craig take a stroll through the Steam store on the hunt for treasure and wear many, many hats.

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Extended show notes with hats and treasure maps after the jump!

Show Notes

00:17    Intro: Death to Audacity, Podcast available on iTunes and Zune (soon)!


01:19    Alan’s Big Score with Assassin’s Creed, Prince of Persia: Forgetten Sand(wich)

02:32    Craig’s Medium Score with Dead Space, trueachievements and gamerscore envy


03:37    Minecraft vs Team Fortress 2 Infographic breaks the hearts of thousands and the server

05:18    The Evolution of Team Fortress 2 and the Origin of Hats

06:55    Steam’s insane prices and cross-promotional prostitution

08:14    What is Steam and why you shouldn’t cheat on it?

11:05    The Great Steam Treasure Hunt (or how to turn buying a game into a game)

17:27    Shameful admissions of spending real money on fake swag


18:52    Outro: Send us suggestions! Chances are good we will read it out on the next episode!

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What games have you bought on Steam and have yet to play? Have any shameful in-game purchases? Share your comments below: