An infographic on the Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 crafting systems.

The Minecraft infog featured on Kotaku, Halolz, Rock, Paper, Shotgun and loads of other places. One chap even made a YouTube video of the infograph for reasons that escape me. Groovy music though.

We talk a little about the motivation behind this glorious graph and how Valve use Steam to steal your money in Episode 2 of the podcast.

Notable quotes from Kotaku

Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 is Like Comparing Weapons and Cows

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 Well, I kind of don’t entirely understand what is the main point of this comparison, but it’s pretty cool. 

-TacDrol nails it on the head. This is my new goal in writing

 Those 54-75 weapons comprise the extra pixels and polygons needed. 

-itsmusicbeach has seen the source code

 One is a survival game and the other is a trading simulator game. 

-Destati drops a verse that’s terse and concise

 “Hats don’t affect gameplay.” – The Polycount set hats say hi. 

-Dr.Rabbit should have been my subeditor. A player with all weapons and hats from a Polycount class pack is granted special bonuses like regenerating health quicker, more powerful critical hits, fire resistance buffs and other effects that confer a competitive edge

 No, i think the point of the article is to point out how ridiculous it is to compare very different games as in the “minecraft vs farmville” article earlier. Its satire. 

-sean_davis answers the question: “Is this supposed to make me stop crafting in TF2?”

 Back in my Team Fortress day there was no pansy crafting, everyone was made from couple of hundred polygons and normal mapping was only dreamed off. 

-Deto recalls the days before the Mann Co Store and trading houses opened. There is the option to spend real-life money to buy hats. Currently there is a pack of six Fancy Hats valued at £22.99

 Imagine how heavy that hat must be. 

-I imagine lwjoestar gently caressing his head while saying this

 I played TF2 once on my brother’s XBOX. You were a cartoon person who tried to kill various other varieties of well-balanced and inventively designed cartoon people. It was pretty simple, but fun. What the hell is all of this about crafting swords and stuff? It sounds like a totally different game from what I played. 

-bakana is gone for a year and look what happened! Never leave again