More Sea of Thieves

We are professional pirates!

I’m still having a lot of fun with Sea of Thieves. I almost wrote about how the new content has kept the game fresh but frankly for me it never went stale. The fact I play multiplayer games more sporadically than I used to means I’m not burning through content at a pace the developer can’t keep up with.

More than that though is the fact my enjoyment of the game comes from all the moments shared with your fellow pirates. In my previous video-laden post about Sea of Thieves I ended with the GDC talk from one of the game’s developers. They started development with one mission statement: Group Shared Narrative. They have achieved that goal so thoroughly and so frequently that I have fun every time I set sail.

Below are two more long videos,with plenty of timestamps, and one short video that highlight these Group Share Narrative moment i.e. me having fun with friends.

PS: The water still looks amazing!

0:00:15 – Almost crashing into an island #1
0:03:30 – Digging up a cursed Chest of Sorrow that weeps and floods your ship
0:06:45 – Crashing into an island #1
0:10:45 – We see an eclipse!
0:20:42 – Digging up a normal chest while Dave gets blown apart
0:26:47 – We spy another ship in the distance while playing a merry jig
0:27:55 – A naval drive by to avoide the unknown ship
0:29:36 – When you’re a professional pirate!
0:30:18 – Dave and Rob meet some pirates, play music and accidently shoot them
0:31:33 – Dave shoots himself out of a cannon from the Pirate Legend’s boat
0:55:55 – After spending twenty minutes in the pitch black trying to find a treasure chest during a storm we get help from two other Pirate Legend players. What kind pirate friends they be!
0:56:44 – Craig rings a bell, contemplates being mean.
0:57:20 – Lead to treasure and giant pirate music jam ensues!
1:02:50 – Do you want a banana?

0:03:50 – Craig plays teacher pirate and reads a riddle while getting attacked
0:11:49 – We sail straight into the shipping forecast
0:13:55 – We find a skeleton, a barrel and a skeleton with a barrel. Craig reflects on shotguns and barrels.
0:15:40 – Stealth shark
0:17:07 – Nautical miles away
0:17:39 – Oh god there’s another boat!
0:30:53 – Look at my fancy shovel
0:35:30 – Three attempts to cannon blast our way on to the island
0:39:54 – Oooooh shiny!
0:46:30 – CHALMERS: Uh- aurora borealis!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen!?; SKINNER: Yes!; CHALMERS: May I see it?; SKINNER: No.
0:49:45 – Craig alt-tabs to find some asci and we almost crash into an island #2
0:54:22 – An island of bird rock sculptures and a trumpeter riddle is solved
1:01:58 – A sunken ship full of treasures we find!
1:10:45 – A chat about the wind is disrupted BY THE MEGALODON!!!
1:24:24 – The best anchor joke you’ll ever hear and Craig drinks all the grog

A Lion King Sunset