Episode 6


The Aperture Science Conversation Sustenance Device

Alan & Craig take an audio tour through the Aperture Science facilities with a review of Portal 2.

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Show Notes

00:00:29    This slurping introduction sponsored by McDonalds

00:01:24    One sentence Portal 2 reviews
00:02:03    Portal 2 = Portal x 2?
00:03:50    Portal’s brevity still impresses

00:05:27    Can lightning strike the same bottle twice? Tag: The Power of Paint running on Valve Time
00:07:41    Portal as a short story. Portal 2 as the novel that happens around you.

00:09:39    Why does the silent protagonist speak to so many designers?
00:11:31    GLaDOS, Chell & a Bring Your Daughter To Work Day potato
00:13:57    Wheatley, with more personality than a Ricky Gervais Podcast

00:17:30    I’m different

00:18:40    Intelligent Portal 2 achievements
00:20:48    Portal 2: A Video Game Comedy & Story as motive
00:22:50    Portal 2 = Portal x 3?

00:25:50    When the illogical becomes logical
00:29:01    Erik Wolpaw on games as a narrative medium

00:30:23    Craig loves combustable lemons
00:31:37    Alan loves Aristotle

00:33:13    The genius of sound design

00:35:18    Co-op and missed opportunities
00:38:10    Why aren’t more people disappointed with the co-op ending?
00:40:28    Valve break the No Cutscene rule
00:42:31    Portal 2: An auditory 4 stars

00:42:40    Outro: How Aperture Science made our lives better

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