Hello Split Screen fans,

You’ve always wanted to meet us- whether it was to put an ugly face to an ugly voice from the podcast, or to make good on your death threats after Alan’s Altered Beast review. Now’s your chance! Next weekend, we’ll be at the Eurogamer Expo on 29th and 30th of September. Seriously, we’d love to meet you, so please come and say hi!

Here’s a handy guide so you can spot us on the expo floor:

alan-avatar Alan

He’ll be wearing: A shirt, I think? Probably a shirt.
Weapon of choice: Canon EOS 550D aka ‘The Cyclops’
Where to find him: Playing Halo 4 or being led away from the Sega stand by security, crying





craig-avatar Craig

He’ll be wearing: A smile and headphones. Possibly clothing as well
Weapon of choice: Zoom H4N Recorder with a furry blue pop shield nicknamed ‘Grover’
Where to find him: Invading someone’s personal space or playing an esoteric sound wave puzzle game