State of the Split Screen Address

To our beloved readers,

2011 was a great year for Split Screen. Although the site was founded in September 2010, we were barely getting started: with the almost-monthly podcast, our weekly blog Reality Check and a sporadic smattering of great features, we’ve really found our feet and built something of which we are very proud.

This year will be different. There are big changes on the way at Split Screen. Spilling the beans would be a great way to jinx ourselves at this point of the year: as you’ll have noticed Craig has been working on the hilarious Let’s Play Blade Runner series, while Alan got a tripod and a video capture card for Christmas, and if you can’t figure out what we’re up to then prepare to be curiously surprised.

Besides the obvious expansion in video production, there are more exciting changes afoot. Little by little, the site will get a makeover. The adverts are going: they look rubbish and we just don’t care about making money that much. We’re here to make you laugh and maybe even make you think, and we love every minute of it.

Thank you all for your support through our first year. On to the Terrible Twos…

-Alan and Craig