The Nazi Killin Business

 Nazis seem to be ubiquitous these days, from Call of Duty: World at War to Inglourious Basterds. Let’s face it – killing Nazis never gets old. Platform Nation, 2010

 Simply because killing Nazis never gets old. IGN UK, 2004

 There’s just something about killing Nazis that never gets old… Pumping Irony, 2009

 For some reason, fighting Nazis never gets old, especially with the backdrop of Europe. IGN UK, 2004

 However, Nazi killing will never get old, and as long as it is delivered in this style, people are sure to keep on playing it. Game Vortex

 When we ran our first preview of Medal of Honor: Airborne, we ran a spotlight that said “Killing Nazis Never Gets Old!” GameSpy, 2007

 Wiping up the floor with the Evil Empire is always going to be as much fun as killing Nazis is. That kind of stuff never gets old. Sega-16, 2006

 Blowing up shit, killing Nazis, wearing disguises, driving in races, climbing around on buildings, bird hunting, and just plain going crazy! Of course, during the game, you will mostly be doing a lot of the former and for some strange reason, it just never gets old! Awesome Game Blog, 2010

 Killing Nazis never gets old. That’s been my adage for years. G4TV, 2009

 If killing Nazis never gets old, then where do Nazi zombies fit? GameSpy, 2009

 Does killing Nazis ever get old? Actually, yes. Eventually. That is, unless they’re supernatural Nazis. Games Radar, 2009

Killing Nazis and demons (and each other) in creative ways never gets old. – Gaming Trend, 2009

Nazis, zombies, effeminate vampires that sparkle in the sunlight, cats – you just can’t kill enough of these things. It never gets old. – Game Drunk, 2010

 Killing Nazis never gets old, especially with the solid graphics and excellent sound. Gamers Mark, 2009

 Sure, it looks dated, but killing Nazis never gets old. RunDLC, 2010

 Since murdering waves of Nazis never gets old, we have a good feeling that Activision will offer plenty of gun-toting thrills when the game ships this fall. Game Daily, 2009

However, Raven Studios is betting that killing Nazis in all sorts of bullet-filled ways never gets old. – NZ Gamer, 2010

 So everyone is totally over killing Nazis in video games apparently. This will pass my friends because killing Nazis never gets old. Classic Game Room Empire, 2010

Grand Theft Auto IV review

The Neverending Saga…

Like shooting Nazis or making robots explode, hacking up zombies really never gets old, and Dead Island seems to offer a slightly different perspective on the pastime. – IGN, 3/3/2011. Spotted by David Williamson