The Starter

One of my favourite podcasts is the long running Gamers With Jobs Conference Call. The insightful podcast and mature forums are an important record of videogame fandom spanning over a decade. My friends and I listen to it weekly.

In an attempt to take part in a community I’ve listened to and read for easily 8 years now, I resurrected my old forum account and chose to contribute to the most important thread of the day What is the Best Donut?. Reading through the many suggestions of many donuts I started building a chart in my mind – who doesn’t, right? – and soon I was in Excel tallying up the scores. This lead to the world’s first meaningful donut chart:

I posted and it went down well. So well it got a mention in the 25 October 2017 episode of the podcast GWJ Conference Call Episode 576 (skip to 01:14:10 to hear):

The Main Course

One of the GWJ Conference crew is Sean Sands. He has played a lot of a particular strategy game called Europa Universalis IV. With the hiatus of Five out of Ten and having some free time over Christmas I decided to stretch the old design muscles and make one of my signature, stupidly long infographics.


The Dessert

This wasn’t the first time I made it onto the Gamers with Jobs Conference Call podcast. The first time was cringeworthy and you can listen to Alan and I talk about it in our own podcast.