Split Screen is four years old, but this is a new start for us. We could not have made this site in 2010: we’ve taken all we learned from four years of blogging, two years of Five out of Ten and more to create the site we’ve always wanted.

What’s New?

Focusing on what matters: the old Split Screen was a blog about games and technology. The new site is about all the things that matter to us: videogames of course, but also music, cinema, literature and life. Whatever we feel like, really! We’ve also incorporated Alan’s old ‘Critical Hits’ blog (as featured on the New Statesman) into Split Screen.

All-new design powered by WordPress: fully responsive for mobile, beautiful typography, cruft-free. There are neat new features like image galleries (try clicking the image in the Monument Valley review!) It might seem like a lick of paint, but the old Joomla site was a large barrier in the way of getting things published. Special thanks to Alexander Haslam for helping us develop the new site – if you need some WordPress development, he comes highly recommended. Also, thanks to Marko Jung (Five out of Ten’s web developer) for providing his usual technical expertise.

We’ve still got a few things to fix – if you click on an author’s name it won’t show all their posts, and we want a better way to categorise our existing features. We’re working on it!

No comments: you can read the comments on old articles. But let’s be honest, comments are 90% spam and 9% shit. You are very much encouraged to chat to us on Twitter or send us an email!

What’s Old?

Four years of writing, videos and podcasts: critically acclaimed series like Metacritique, Reality Check, Retrocity, features and reviews. We’ve chosen our favourites for old and new readers alike, but the new site was built for exploration and discovery. We’ve also taken Alan’s old features originally written for Nightmare Mode and brought them home.

The podcast returns: the 14th episode (or the first of a new era, if you like) is called ‘Phoenix’, and is coming very soon. It’s a double episode special about how games get remastered, remade and rebooted, followed by a bit of ‘inside baseball’ about what Split Screen is about. We’re changing up the podcast format and recording shorter, more frequent podcasts. You can listen right from the page or subscribe through your favourite podcast player.

Four years of old links and arcane video embeds: many of these are broken. Sorry! This is an unavoidable consequence of the move to WordPress. Please use the search bar to find older articles if they’re referenced in another.

No advertising: and we’ll always disclose if we receive any promotional or review material. Not that this is particularly likely.

Our mission: to write what we want, to make you laugh and think, to have the courage to make mistakes.

The Best Of Us

For a selection of our favourite things over the past four years, just choose ‘The Best of Us’ from the menu bar.