Welcome to Split Screen

What is Split Screen?

Split Screen is home to Alan Williamson and Craig Wilson, an Irishman and Scotsman writing in English for your entertainment- and ours as well.

‘Split screen’ video games let two people play simultaneously. Sometimes they are competitive, other times co-operative. This site is both the product of two individuals, who frequently and unprofessionally disagree with each other, and a joint creative endeavour.

Our goal is simple: rather than create yet another website regurgitating press releases, we offer:

  • Commentary, insight and criticism you won’t find anywhere else;
  • Videos and podcasts that are more than dry news digests;
  • Poorly thought-out comedy articles that we’ll later retract and pretend never happened.

There are countless places you can go for “in-the-moment” news and reviews. We don’t want to replace this. Instead, we offer something different… something more meaningful. We chose the impossible. We chose… Rapture Split Screen.

How can I comment on articles?

You don’t need to make an account to comment on any article- just log into your Facebook profile or existing Disqus account.

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If you don’t like what you read, leave a comment anyway and tell us why. Please remember that commenting is a privilege, not a right. We will not tolerate any posts that are offensive, insulting towards other users or ourselves, or anything needlessly incendiary.

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