Shameless Self Promotion

Vote for us! Or don’t vote for us!

How do you support the publications you love? It’s not simple to answer now so much content is available for free. Many sites rely on ad revenue, while others offer subscriptions. Some, like Split Screen, receive no financial support no matter how many visits we get. We’re powered by good feelings. We feed on your love.

As previously gloated, we’ve gone from strength to strength over the past year: more and better articles, our (almost) weekly column Reality Check, new podcasts and new video features like Retrocity. Although it’s hard to believe it’s June already, we’ve still got exciting developments in store that will simultaneously blow your mind and paradoxically impart a quiet sense of contentment.

Right, now that’s out of the way: the Games Media Awards are now accepting nominations. We’re not crass enough to beg for your votes, but we can still heavily insinuate it. If I were a person that liked Split Screen, some of things I might nominate us for would be:

  • Best Games Blog
  • Games Radio and Podcast
  • Games Video (your choice of video!)

And anything else you think is relevant. Probably not Top Tweeter though, we’re rubbish at that. You’ve got until July 20th to decide!


Alan and Craig